Eco Green Whip


Eco Green Whip
Eco Green Whip Eco Green Whip Eco Green Whip Eco Green Whip

Thanks to its high whipping volume, the iSi Eco Series Green Whip gets more servings out of each pint of cream used, thus reducing the amount of cream needed, the cost of ingredients, and ultimately creates a reduction to the emissions that act on the climate.

The technically optimized Green Whip gets up to 15%* more servings at the same cost of ingredients. This reduces the carbon footprint per serving of cream and lowers the cost per serving by more than 10%.

Now whip up even plant-based and vegan creams with the iSi Green Whip!

Using a plant-based or vegan cream will allow a further 20%** reduction of the carbon footprint of a dollop of whipped cream.


*Average values. Actual increase depends on the cream product used
** Average values dairy cream vs. Green Whip, vegan cream