What can I do if I've lost a part for my whipper or siphon?

 iSi Culinary Whippers and Siphons have a 2 year warranty. If you've purchased your whipper or siphon within this window of time, call iSi customer service for assistance at (973) 227-2426 x6245

Replacement parts can be purchased from our Replacement Parts Shop.

iSi is no longer offering whipper heads for our hand held whippers. iSi takes safety very seriously and we feel that it could be problematic to supply our whipper head for a bottle that is not in good condition, or a bottle for which our head is not intended. Our whippers come with a 2-year warranty and will be replaced in their entirety if there is a manufacturing defect with the head or the bottle. Often, we find that our customers need a replaceable part for their whipper, and not a complete head.

Please call our customer service department if you need help with a product that is under warranty; (973) 227-2426 ext. 6245

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