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Coffee & Tea Accessory Kit


Product Description

The brand new Coffee & Tea Accessory Kit from iSi has been designed to turn your 1 Pint Gourmet Whip into an even more versatile tool able to make Nitrox brew, cold brew, flavor infusions, matcha lattes, teas, and more! Using your 1 Pint Gourmet Whip and iSi N20 Cream Chargers you can explore new fun and delicious ways to serve recipes with the Coffee & Tea Accessory Kit.


Nitrox Cold Brew Coffee Recipe Matcha Latte Mousse Recipe

For additional recipe videos featuring the iSi Coffee & Tea Accessory Kit, click here to visit the iSi Youtube page.

The set includes the following accessories:

  1. 1. 4-PIECE RAPID INFUSION TOOL KIT: make your own fresh and creative flavor Infusions – flavor tea, cream, milk, and desserts — the sky’s the limit!
  2. 2. STAINLESS STEEL DIFFUSER TIP: Make nitrox brew from cold brew coffee or tea. Also use this tip to make frothy skim milk toppings for a low calorie/low fat alternative to whipped cream.
  3. 3. STAINLESS STEEL TULIP TIP: Make Matcha Latte Tea. Also, make foams and whipped creams to top coffee, tea, and desserts with the perfect dollop.
  4. 4. SILICONE HEAT PROTECTION SLEEVE: for use with iSi Gourmet Whip Pint for easy handling of hot preparations.
  5. 5. TWO ISI RECIPE BOOKS: Over 50 recipes for coffees, teas,infusions, drinks, desserts, and more.
  6. 6. NATURAL FIBER ACCESSORY BAG: for a safe and convenient way to store your accessories.

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