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Inspiring Food

We are on a mission to discover new things. Follow uncharted paths and open up new possibilities.

We want to inspire new trends. To re-interpret the taste of food; unusual and strong. To discover what´s inside dishes. To create new paths and uncover new culinary possibilities.

At iSi we are always on the search for new ideas to unite diversity, reliability and creativity. That´s how we think. For 50 years. iSi connects functionality, design and innovation in all our products.

We want to enrich gastronomy. At home and at professional kitchens. Once curiosity has been inspired, creativity starts to work. We all need inspiration.

iSi Inspiring food.

Click here to check out our full culinary website which includes our products, as well as, news and recipes!

Here at iSi, we do not focus just on culinary technologies. We also provide products for the medical and automotive industries. The iSi Group is present worldwide with production and sales facilities, selling products to more than 80 countries. We provide customized solutions for all applications in which compressed energy is required in the form of pressurized gas chargers. Take a look at the video video below for a glimpse into iSi's full spectrum of products or you can visit for more information.



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